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What Makes A Hot Shave So Special?

For many men, the norm is simply going about your shaving routine with cold or warm running water. However, there are several benefits to a hot shave that men unaware of. A hot shave is simply a treatment where a hot steaming towel is placed under the neck during a shave. So why seek a barber that offers a hot shave in Calgary?

4 Reason To Get A Hot Shave In Calgary

It Helps with Irritation

Shaving naturally causes irritation to your skin. The steam actually helps soothe your irritated skin during a shave. When steam starts going up to your skin, you’ll also find that your facial hair becomes easier to shave due to the pores opening up. It’s far more gentle to your skin compared to a regular shave.

It Opens Your Pores

The hot steam from the towel opens up your pores. Aside from making it easier to shave your facial hair, there are other skin benefits. You are getting rid of the dead skin, dirt and oil that’s trapped underneath the outer layers.

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It Exfoliates Your Skin

A hot shave naturally exfoliates your skin. Yes, exfoliating gets rid of dead skin, dirt and oil. However, the other big benefit is the fact that it helps you generate new skin cells. This makes your skin look brighter and feel healthier. It’s also a great way to prevent skin problems like acne and blemishes.

It Feels Great 

Last but not least, a hot shave in Calgary simply feels good. The steam calms your body and relaxes your mind. Many men say that it makes them feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and re-energized. It’s no wonder why many men visit a professional barber for a hot shave on a weekly basis.

If you want to get a real experience, you should seek a professional barbershop in SE Calgary. Once you’ve tried a hot shave, you’ll find yourself going back. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a haircut, beard trim, or a simple touch up.

At The Barber, we are committed to providing men and boys with the best haircuts in SE Calgary. Our stylists have all the experience and passion needed to style your hair in your image. But most importantly, we will provide you with a comfortable atmosphere, so you can enjoy your experience. We offer an array of services for all our clients, including haircuts, hair wash, beard trims and hot shaves in Calgary. For the leading barber shop in SE Calgary, book your appointment by calling us on 403-203-9299.

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