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Tips For Shaving Perfectly At Home

For most men, a standard shave is part of the daily routine. Whether you have a beard or prefer to go smooth, shaving is an important male grooming habit. Unfortunately, most men do not know how to give themselves a perfect shave. If you are tired of a lacklustre shave, then it is time to brush up on your shaving skills. Here are a few tips to experience a better shave at home.

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Prepare Your Skin In Advance

The first thing you should do when you shave is not to pick up your razor. This is a widespread mistake that a lot of men make. Instead, before you pick up your razor, take the time to prepare your skin. In order to get your skin ready for a shave, spend time washing your skin. Take it a step further and exfoliate. This gets all the dead skin cells off the surface of your skin. This will help you get a closer shave. You can also enhance the experience with a hot shave in Calgary. To do this, use a warm, damp towel to cover the skin before starting to shave. A hot shave in Calgary can also soften the hair on your beard or mustache for superior results.

Invest In Quality Shaving Cream

Another critical tip is to use shaving cream. Most men realize they need some lubricant to make the razor glide safely and smoothly over the surface of the skin. However, most men opt for soap. Soap is a terrible choice. Soap can cause dry and flaking skin, which can make your shave less pleasant when you are done. Shaving cream, on the other hand, provides a smooth surface without the flaking effect. This means that your skin will feel good while you shave and after you shave.

Observe The Direction Of Your Hair Growth

After your face is ready, you need to think about the actual process of shaving. The simple act of how you move the razor is very important to the quality of your shave. Look to see which direction your hair grows. If you shave against this grain, you will get a much closer shave. However, if you have very sensitive skin, shaving with the grain can minimize irritation. You can also keep irritation to a minimum with a hot shave in Calgary.

However, if you cannot shave at home, you can always visit a barbershop in NE Calgary to let a professional do it for you. You’ll be in safe hands and have nothing to worry about. 

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