Polite, professional, charming and courteous team. The best haircut I have ever had! The barbers were more than happy to suggest the best cut for me, all this at a great price- what more could you want?
Ali A
Down to earth friendly professional service with no pretentious nonsense which you would expect at a barber in this area. Barbers are well trained and experienced and always give a first class hair cut to your requirements and are always happy to give advice for a style that suits. Prices are reasonable too for a barber in this area of Calgary.
Adrian S
This is without doubt the finest and best value barber shop in Calgary. I started going here in response to a series of really bad haircuts at shops local to where I live. They are true professionals and their fades are sick.
Trent Z
I wouldn't go anywhere else in Calgary. I've been coming here for the last year and I've never felt better about paying good money for a haircut. The guys know what they are doing, give solid advice, and cut like pros I wasn't used to this before and it's a pleasure to get my hair cut now. Also helps that they know how to have a good chat, and hire personalities. Excellent service and value for money.
Derek M
Best barbers in Calgary. I haven't been to another barber shop for the past 3 years. Great customer service, very friendly staff and each one of them is versatile. I always get the cleanest cuts from these guys. They have my business for life
King A
Been coming here since I moved to Cranston around 2 years ago. These guys are great! All skilled and cool barbers. I usually don't wait. I go to whoever is available first and I've never been disappointed. Friendly staff. Keep up the good work 🙂
Eduardo M