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How To Find A Quality Barber Shop In SE Calgary

Are you living in SE Calgary and looking to get your beard trimmed? Or are you thinking about getting a hot shave in Calgary? Can’t find a barbershop that is going to suit your needs? This blog post has five tips to help you find a quality barbershop in SE Calgary:

5 Tips To Finding A Quality Barber Shop In SE Calgary 

Keep It Local & Expand The Circle

Start in your local area and slowly expand outwards. If you are living in the SE of Calgary, start by searching around this area before expanding outwards. There is no point looking across the other side of town when a perfectly good barber works down the road from you. 

Get Referrals 

First’s thing’s first: you have guy friends so ask them if they know any barbers they trust. If one guy has found a reliable barber, then you know you’re in good hands going forward, especially if their hair looks downright awesome all the time. Get the names of the barber in SE Calgary down and do your research. 

Investigate Social Media 

These days, most barbershops have a presence on social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram. They are more than happy to promote their work and their current business on these sites as it provides them with an avenue to showcase their work. At the same time, it gives you an insight into how they work. If you see what you like from their gallery, it could be the barber in SE Calgary for you.

Online Ratings & Reviews

Sure, photos on Facebook and Instagram are great, but how do you really know if the barber is good enough for you? You check out online reviews and ratings. Thanks to the likes of Facebook and Google, you can see an average rating out of five (a summary of how well other clients enjoyed them) and personal reviews. It is an excellent way to narrow down your search and find a barber in SE Calgary that is perfect for you. 

Ask Questions About Your Hair

A professional quality barber should know a thing or two about your hair, or then he’s just another hairdresser. So ask questions related to your hair, how you can manage it better, how often you should get it cut, and what barber services will help you best. If the barber is a pro, then he’ll be able to answer anything you need to know about it. If he doesn’t, then you know this barber is not for you. 

At The Barber, we are committed to providing men and boys with the best haircuts in SE Calgary. Our stylists have all the experience and passion needed to style your hair in your image. But most importantly, we will provide you with a comfortable atmosphere, so you can enjoy your experience. We offer an array of services for all our clients, including haircuts, hair wash, beard trims and hot shaves in Calgary. For the leading barber shop in SE Calgary, book your appointment by calling us on 403-203-9299

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