5 Awesome Men’s Haircuts For 2020

 Men’s haircuts in 2020 feature ease above all else. The men of 2020 want to look stylish with as little effort as possible. They seek clean, sleek and sophisticated cuts that highlight their best features. Because these cuts are short, they do require regular visits to a barber. When looking for a barber in SE Calgary, look for someone you will want to see often as you will probably need trims every four to six weeks.

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Best Men’s Haircuts by Barbers in SE Calgary

The French Crop

 The French Crop is the number one hairstyle for men in 2020. The French Crop consists of a short if slightly messy cropped top and a deep fade on the sides. Men can use a product to style the top, but most leave it as is for an easy and trendy look.

The Crew Cut

 The Crew Cut is short all over, but slightly longer on top than on the sides. The Crew Cut is ideal for men who want a short cut but don’t like the look of a fade. Your barber in SE Calgary can customize the Crew Cut to make it slightly longer or shorter.

The Quiff

 The Quiff has been around for a few years, but it is still a popular look. The Quiff combines the look of a pompadour with a fade, giving men of 2020 the best of both worlds. The Quiff requires the most effort of any of the cuts on this list as it does need product and styling each morning.

The Caesar Cut

 A Caesar Cut highlights fringe. The cut is short and shaggy with only the slightest hint of spikes. Unlike the Caesar Cut of the mid-1990s, today’s Caesar Cut is not combed forward on the forehead. Instead, it is pushed up and away with the smallest bit of mousse or gel.

The High Fade

 Fades have been the look of the 21st century. The high fade takes it up a notch with a practically bare side shave. Fades require the most upkeep as they need to be touched up every two weeks or even more often for those with fast-growing hair. The top can be any length desired. Some like to keep the top cropped short to the scalp while others prefer a longer style. The choice is between you and your barber in SE Calgary.

At The Barber, we are committed to providing men and boys with the best haircuts in SE Calgary. Our stylists have all the experience and passion needed to style your hair in your image. But most importantly, we will provide you with a comfortable atmosphere, so you can enjoy your experience. We offer an array of services for all our clients, including haircuts, hair wash, beard trims and hot shaves in Calgary. For the leading barber shop in SE Calgary, book your appointment by calling us on 403-203-9299.

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